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50VG/50PG Blend

GLD Burley e-liquid combines cube and leaf Burley with Oriental and Latakia tobaccos. Customers rave about this flavor telling us this is the closest thing resembling a light cigarette. This is a NET (Naturally Extracted Tobacco) masterpiece.

Our Real Tobacco Collection e-liquid is for people who want a real alternative to smoking vs the typical fruit, dessert and candy-flavored e-liquid on the market.

It’s light and air-cured characteristics combined with an intense smoky-pepper flavor create a distinctive and pleasurable smoky aroma.

We blend this e-liquid with 50% vegetable glycerin (vg) and 50% propylene glycol (pg). You can safely use this in sub-ohm tanks.

Choose your nicotine level – 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, or 18mg.

“… this is another fine example of tobacco flavors done right …” ~ Read the full review here

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 1.25 × 1.25 in

15ml, 30ml

Nicotine Strength

0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg

10 reviews for GLD – Burley

  1. timothy camuti (verified owner)


    If you’re reading this, you are certainly a most discerning vaper. Your sophisticated, grown-up palette is won’t be satisfied with childish flavors or cheap chemical imitations. You’ve probably tried countless other brands that claim real tobacco flavor… none have delivered the authentic flavor you seek. You’re weary… but your diligence has paid off. Your quest is over.

    Lunar Rover’s tobacco flavors are naturally extracted from real tobacco. They created a true tobacco experience and added nothing else. They describe it as a masterpiece. I believe that falls short. I consider it PERFECTION. This pure tobacco flavor is the best on the market.

    What’s more, Lunar Rover puts the same care in their ingredients and process. Who else supplies a lab report with their products? It’s obvious from their products, process, and SERVICE that they are real people committed to a top-quality product.

    I discovered Lunar Rover long ago on the same quest. I exclusively vape their products for years now. I order monthly and they regularly deliver (flavor, quality, and on time).

    I prefer Burley flavor. It matches the full, yet mellow flavor I liked from yellow American Spirits. (I haven’t smoked in years. Thank you LR!). The Virginia flavor is more like pipe or cigar tobacco but not nearly as harsh or. Both have great aromas.

    If this is your first time, I suggest ordering a Burley and Virginia and decide for yourself. One of them will be your go-to tobacco flavor from this day forward.

    Tim – A real, repeat customer who put care into this review because I appreciate the care Lunar Rover puts in their products.

  2. judy.jordan56 (verified owner)

    Love Lunar Rover! The customer service is awesome, GLD Burley the best tobacco flavor, and the new packaging is great. The bottles are so much more efficient, not a drop wasted.

  3. Karen Scebbi (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service. I am a repeat customer. I accidentally ordered four bottles of 0 milligram when I usually order 12 mg. Got a phone call the next day to check on my order. I would have been so bummed if I would have gotten the order I placed. Thanks lunar rover.

  4. Scott (verified owner)

    Bold, rugged flavor with a whisper of sweetness. Great Burley vape. Will buy again!! 😀

  5. judy.jordan56 (verified owner)

    I agree w/all of the previous reviews. Smoked most of my life, began vaping 3 years ago and found a liquid I really liked. Just tried GLD Burley and this is by far the BEST cigarette flavor I’ve had. I highly recommend!

  6. mrkelvinbenson

    I am an 3-year vaper, who has searched hard and long for a real cigarette-flavored juice to keep me from relapsing. Honestly, the closest thing I had found was Vuse cartridges. But today I went in to my local vape shop looking again, as they had just remodeled and brought in new lines of product and I still get occasional cigarette cravings. I told the owner what I was looking for, and he steered me away from Cuttwood, Naked and some other big names. He showed me GLD Burley and told me “this guy has really got it right. It’s as close to the real thing as you can get — let me show you why.” I was skeptical, as I had never heard of GLD before. Then he pulls out a promotional diagram of the GLD natural tobacco extraction (NET) process. It is quality, complex, and incredible. This juice is hands down, undeniably the closest thing you are going to get to a real cigarette (I was a Camel Light smoker)! It’s not even close. I have used it with my Smok V* Big Baby, and even with my little Halo V6 cigarette vape. No tooty-fruity ad ons, just straight up tobacco-style taste and throat hit. I believe you will not find a better, pure tobacco juice on this planet! I’m ordering some more now…

  7. Justin (verified owner)

    This totally helped me stop smoking i couldn’t find any e liquid that was equivalent to a cigarette till i found this i was smoking about 2 packs of Marlboro gold a day an this my 3rd week without a cigarette I truly thank you
    Lunar Rover

  8. mogurchak (verified owner)

    Tl;DR if you’ve smoked for years, like I have… and quit and want a satisfying vaping experience that’s as pleasurable as smoking used to be; you owe it to yourself to try this.

    To say this, “tastes just like a cigarette” kind of marginalizes just how much I enjoy this ejuice. I quit smoking over a year ago. I smoked for over 16 years, and have tried SO MANY different alternatives than smoking. Patches, gum, lozenges, you name it. My tattooer reccomendended I try vaping. But, every single so called ‘tobacco flavored’ ejuice I’ve ever tried was sickening sweet and smelled like burned popcorn when vaped. I didn’t find the experience vaping other brands even remotely close as I did smoking, (before smoking took it’s toll on my health).

    After many ecig brands and many bottles of gross ejuice, my local vape shop suggested GLD. I was pleasantly surprised. To say this tastes like a cigarette is doing this an injustice. This tastes better than a cigarette. It’s not sweet at all, and is very dry and rich. The vapor is very thick and cloudy (when vaped in my Aromamizer/Clapton wire/verticlet 3mm coil build/6 winds/ 40 watts at 0.42 ohms).

    You get an initial smokey flavor that is very smooth and not sweet. Notes of pepper and black tea on the finish. At 6mg of nicotine, you still get a great throat hit that’s not harsh… and this does not have the sickening sweet or soapy fragrance or flavor that many other eliquids have.

    I absolutely love this juice. My absolute favorite is having this with a strong Belgian Triple dark beer like Chimay or Gulden Drak. I used to fluctuate between Lucky Strikes, Marlboro Reds, and Camels when I smoked- switching to lights when I quit. I find this every bit as satisfying.

    I have chain-vaped this for hours, and it never gets old. I’ve used this almost exclusively the last 8 months and no longer have that shortness of breath and wheeze I used to have. I am no longer winded when I walk up steps or physically exert myself. I have a very physical job and work 12 shifts. I feel so much better now I quit smoking and I have no desire to ever smoke again. I can’t even imagine ever going back to cigarettes now.

    GLD is perfect for me. Someone who just wants something that’s satisfying like a smoke used to be, that’s not going to kill me.

    Thanks Lunar Rover.

  9. kscebbi (verified owner)

    I have been vaping for several years. Found this brand at a local shop and have been using it exclusively for the past 6 months. GLD tastes as close to a cigarette taste I have found. Excellent product. Don’t change a thing.

  10. Jay

    This is the closest Vape to an actual cigarette

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